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OBS att installation av ny version görs av OPAS systemansvarig på arbetsplatsen.

Ver 9.22.059 2010-04-10 Info

Quickbooking ver 9.22.023 2009-10-30

Ver 8.21.132 2009-04-07

Ver 8.21.131 2009-03-18 Fix... Info

Ver 8.21.126 2009-01-22 Fix... Info

Ver 8.21.115 2008-11-17 Fix och ny tabell i advanced filterInfo

Ver 8.21.113 2008-11-17 Fix och nyheter Info

Ver 8.21.105 2008-09-20 Fix och nyheter Info

Ver 8.21.102 2008-06-27 Fix och nytt Info

Ver 8.21.091 2008-06-27 Fix inkl databasuppdatering Info

Ver 8.21.090 2008-06-25 Fixar

Ver 8.21.087 2008-06-02 Nyheter

Ver 8.21.078 2008-04-10 Title2 i Works listview! Function i Duties listview. Title2 kan ses i kalendern! Tooltip optimerad i kalendern

Ver 8.21.076 2008-04-10 ID redigerbart i "Edit Filter" mode

Ver 8.21.074 2008-04-10 Diverse fixar

Ver 8.21.072 2008-02-29 AddressGroup can be entered during Outlook Import

Ver 8.21.070 2008-01-23 Sökbara "Created by" ,"Updated by" i alla fönster.

Dates: Column Duration added to list view.

Duties Management: caption shows Project.Name or Project.Code by OPAS.INI setting; [DATADISPLAY] ShowProjectCodeInDutiesManagement=NO

Ver 9 är under utveckling Läs mer här

Ver 8.21.068 2008-01-04 Händelser kan öppnas/skapas med höger musklick i kalendern

Ver 8.21.065 2007-12-18 Obligatoriska fält, fixar mm Läs mer

Ver 8.21.063 2007-11-16 Endast fixar

Address-Book, error by Shift-F7 after F9 and F7
Tours/Schedule, error by opening form

Ver 8.21.60 Fixar

Banks, Tours, Dates, changing of Project wasn't possible (only 8.21.058)
Address-Book, child tables were not editable


Ver 8.21.056 Font can be adjusted for each user in System / Preferences

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Ver 8.21.052 Outlook export är förbättrad Ändring i händelsemenyn. Bättre struktur Läs mer

Ver 8.10.27 Sammanfattar ett flertal förändringar Läs mer


Hubert Wölbitsch
Hubert Wölbitsch developed and marketed OPAS the Orchestral Planning Administration System OPAS, currently used by ca. 100 major orchestras in Europe and the USA.

Stefan Killenberg
Support, Training
Stefan Killenberg graduated in 1990 from Technical University in Dresden in Software Engineering. He worked as a freelance engineer for database based software and in 1993 joined OPAS (Orchestral Planning Administration System) for development, training and support. In 1999 Stefan also took over the training, support and report writing for the ARTIFAX products in the German speaking countries.

Jan Horstmann


Sergej Jungblut


Andrej Lauschkin


Günther Rodenbusch


Sandra Raab




Our product: The Leading International Orchestra Planning and Administration Software Our customers: The orchestras of the world Our mission: Our mission is to provide our clients with software products, which are simple-to-use, reliable and help to save time, money and to be more successful and efficient in managing their business.



Exclusive North American development and distribution of OPAS (Orchestra Planning and Administration System), and technologyconsulting for the arts.