UPDATE 8.21.104 FIX Artifax Reports error if string 'ON' or other SQL key terms were part of search criterion and Collating Sequence in VFP ODBC connection was set to Machine 
UPDATE 8.21.104 FIX Calendar Read-Only rights on Dates Level 1 caused Read-Only rights also on Level 2
UPDATE 8.21.104 NEW Address-Book column Date Returned added to Listview
UPDATE 8.21.104 NEW Calendar field Title 1 madatory
UPDATE 8.21.104 NEW General / Add-... Forms inactive records appear in Edit Filter mode only if OPAS.INI setting  [DATADISPLAY] ShowInactiveData_Filter = ON
UPDATE 8.21.104 NEW General / Listboxes resizable
UPDATE 8.21.104 NEW Rental Contracts right-click offers also link to Dates/Program 
UPDATE 8.21.104 NEW Works table Address/AddressGroups added to Advanced Filter
UPDATE 8.21.105 FIX Address-Book error by filtering Name and in the Dates tab
UPDATE 8.21.105 FIX Address-Book open a related form through linked data (F11) and close it, Address-Book form opened empty and in read-only mode
UPDATE 8.21.105 FIX Dates / Export order of date and time was incorrect; only VFP databases
UPDATE 8.21.105 FIX General forms didn't open in list view if OPAS.INI setting [DATADISPLAY] ForceListview=ON
UPDATE 8.21.105 FIX To-Do's / Reminders ctrl+click didn't work in Add/Users form
UPDATE 8.21.105 NEW Address-Book / Dates double-click opens Date form