UPDATE 8.21.102 FIX Exit OPAS error by old User administration

UPDATE 8.21.100 NEW Address-Book Access Categories can be switched off by OPAS.INI setting; [SYSTEMSETTING] Enable_Address_Access_Categories=ON/OFF

UPDATE 8.21.100 NEW Projects tabs appear highlighted by existing data

UPDATE 8.21.100 FIX Duties fields Project and Activity didn't split in Edit Filter mode if 'Restore last form size' was set to ON and form was enlarged

UPDATE 8.21.100 FIX Contract / Dates relation button opened Archive

UPDATE 8.21.097 FIX Audit Trail error nFilterFRX by printing reports

UPDATE 8.21.097 FIX Login error by cancel login (only SQL databases)

UPDATE 8.21.096 FIX Artistic Planning Edit Date opened form in listview and Date wasn't editable

UPDATE 8.21.096 NEW General / open related forms mode to open form can be set in OPAS.INI; [DATADISPLAY] ForceListview=ON/OFF

UPDATE 8.21.096 NEW Tours Management right-click offers Restore Record to undo changes

UPDATE 8.21.094 FIX Dates / Works deletion of a Work didn't offer function 'Save changes to related Dates'

UPDATE 8.21.094 NEW General / open related forms form opens in Listview to make accidentally overwriting of existing data more unlikely

UPDATE 8.21.093 FIX Address-Book column Mobile-Number added into listview; first entry with NumberType.Mobile=True

UPDATE 8.21.093 FIX Advanced Filter filter criteria don't get lost if no search result

UPDATE 8.21.093 FIX Duties table Addresses/Passports added to Export and Advaced Filter

UPDATE 8.21.093 FIX General / Add-... Forms form closes automatically by clicking into other form

UPDATE 8.21.093 NEW General if Filter criteria is active, status field showing number of records appears in Edit Filter colour; tooltip shows filter criteria

UPDATE 8.21.093 NEW General / Report window checkboxes All, Standard and Customized added to filter regarding report types