NEW General if a file named Lockinfo.TXT is found in OPAS directory during start, it shows content of it and Exit 
FIX Duties Management screen jumps row when fixing if Automatic Calculation is ON
FIX Contracts some Addresse didn't appear; Soloists, Conductors without an Instrument
FIX Artistic Planning error 'Record out of Range' by closing Dates form on X
FIX Activities field 'Write to Text' was always set to None in Edit Filter mode
FIX Address-Book no error message if Outlook isn't installed and OPAS.INI setting for Outlook is ON
FIX General fields possibly not visible by changing mode and resizing forms
NEW Calculations columns  Date, Text, Quantity, Amount, AccountNo are editable in Expenses subgrid
NEW Calendar how to show Works in Tooltip is configurable through right-click Preferences
NEW Userdata version will be shown in error message