UPDATE 8.21.091 FIX To-Do's SQL patch for Name2; has to be started in query analyzer
UPDATE 8.21.091 NEW opastools INI file selction enabled
UPDATE 8.21.091 NEW To-Do's field Name2 visible
UPDATE 8.21.090 FIX Archive Contracts-Dates linked to Dates instead of Dates-Archive
UPDATE 8.21.090 FIX Dates inactive Activities didn't appear in field Activities
UPDATE 8.21.090 NEW General inactive records (e.g. Activities, Addresses) appear in Edit Filter mode
UPDATE 8.21.089 FIX Archive error in query for Expenses and Contracts-Expenses
UPDATE 8.21.088 FIX Archive error by opening Contracts form
UPDATE 8.21.088 FIX Duties Management grid didn't expand sometimes by maximze form
UPDATE 8.21.088 NEW Accounting Items Amounts both Amount and Percentage can be >0
UPDATE 8.21.088 NEW Dates copied Dates appear immediately in listview
UPDATE 8.21.088 NEW Dates Days added to linked data button