UPDATE 8.21.106 FIX Address-Book / Dates double click to open Dates didn't work properly
UPDATE 8.21.106 FIX Dates  error by running function Change Project, if OPAS.INI setting Updatelog = ON
UPDATE 8.21.106 FIX Dates Marketing / Tickets error by delete Ticket records
UPDATE 8.21.106 NEW Report and Function forms separator added between Active and Inactive reports/functions
UPDATE 8.21.106 NEW Update if OPAS.INI setting Language = USA, default setting of ForceListview=OFF, otherwise ON
UPDATE 8.21.108 FIX Address-Book / Agents Set to Main affected all entries with the same Agent_ID
UPDATE 8.21.108 FIX Calendar Tooltip didn't disappear by changing application with Alt+Tab
UPDATE 8.21.108 FIX Composers data related error by filtering Birth or Death data
UPDATE 8.21.108 FIX Exit OPAS possibly error OSYSTEM is not an object' when closing a form
UPDATE 8.21.108 NEW Address-Book Contracts added to Linked Data
UPDATE 8.21.108 NEW Composers wildcards can be used by filtering for Birth and Death data
UPDATE 8.21.108 NEW Contracts Substitutes column Duties added to Add Dates form; to indicate if already Duties are attached to a Date
UPDATE 8.21.108 NEW Duties table EventType-Groups added to Advanced Filter
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Artistic Planning error by double-click on a blank Date 
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Contracts Addresses without a Main Instrument didn't appear in Artist listbox
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Dates/Works Library tab appeared in OPAS Basic version
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Dates/Works new Works were ignored from 'Save changes to related Dates' function, if form had been closed by click OK without Save before
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Dates/Works tab order was incorrect
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Duties Management End Time 00:00 caused wrong overlap warning
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Projects tabs CONTRACTS, EXPENSES etc. appeared in OPAS Basic version
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Tours Management Set to Present' button didn't move when resizing form
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Works Instrumentation tab didn't show up for OPAS Basic version
UPDATE 8.21.110 FIX Works/Publications didn't show Publication entries if field Publisher was empty
UPDATE 8.21.110 NEW Duties Management Main Groups and Violin1+2 can be selected in Section listbox
UPDATE 8.21.110 NEW General / Date fields first click selects the entire field, second click puts cursor on the desired position 
UPDATE 8.21.110 NEW General / Number fields first click selects the entire field, second click puts cursor on the desired position 
UPDATE 8.21.110 NEW General / Number fields spinner removed
UPDATE 8.21.110 NEW Login login data are stored for each <opas>.INI in Registry instead of C:\WINDOWS\opas_local.ini; HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WUP\OPAS8\<ini>\LOGIN 
UPDATE 8.21.111 FIX Login error if USERID and USERPW existed in OPAS.INI 
UPDATE 8.21.111 NEW Artistic Planning Create Projectfrom Template equal to the same enhanced function in Dates 
UPDATE 8.21.112 NEW Calender Holidays highlighted
UPDATE 8.21.112 NEW Dates /  Program Load from Works offers to choose which Intruments shall be updated
UPDATE 8.21.112 NEW Dates /  Program deletion of Duration empty field instead of changing it to 00:00:00
UPDATE 8.21.113 NEW Login stored User/PWD will be written from opas_local.ini if no Registry entry exists yet (first start of version >=8.21.111)