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GSO Accounting

1. Honorar wird pro Tag zum ersten Dienst bezahlt

2. Honorar wird aus aDuties.Function_id ausgelesen

- bei nur einem Termin am Tag

ExpenseType_id = aDuties.Function_id->sAddressFunctions.ExpenseType_id
AccItem_id = aDuties.Function_id->sAddressFunctions.AccItem_id

- bei mehr als einem Termin ändert sich AccItem_id

Letztes Zeichen in aDuties.Function_id->sAddressFunctions.AccItem_id->sAccItems.Code wird durch '2 ' ersetzt

ExpenseType_id = aDuties.Function_id->sAddressFunctions.ExpenseType_id

3. AccountingCategorie ist anhängig vom Alter des Artists

Alter < 24 - AccountingCategorie=1
Alter < 30 - AccountingCategorie=2
Alter >= 30 - AccountingCategorie=3

Alter wird zum Termin ausgerechnet (aDates.Date_ - sAddress_PersData.BirthDate)



3 Groups of Amounts           EXSTAM1 Extramusiker Stämledare  1 inst   (Extra musicians Principal)    and for the second occasion (concert) EXSTAM2
                                            EXALTER1 (coprincipal)
                                            EXTUTTI    (secondplayer)

We must have three Functions.   And the report can give the right amount when it is a rehearsal and a concert the same day ?
Is this the best way to do it?

yes, that works.

please take care to define the Function which is responsible for the Fee
as the Main function to each Address, because the Main Function will be assigned to each Duty


Not to use “function” , better to use “Presence type”, because it is used in “service attendance”  (so that we don’t use “function”)
A better solution ?

it would work
but is only recommendable if the Function for a Musician changes very often.
if you do it like this, you cannot just click Present or not,
you need to select the Presence Type regarding the Function.

but the Function is anyway attached to each Duty ,
because the main Function from Adress-Book is assigned automatically by creating Duties.
you can of course change the Function in Duties if its not standard for a Date or Project.

isn't it easier to attach the Amounts to Functions,
attach the Function to Addreses
and therefore the fee is automatically assigned to Duties.
so you only need to take care about it if someone has another Function than his/her standard Function.